25 Cheeky Butt Facts To Make You LYAO

One of the most revered and controversial parts of our bodies, the butt is more interesting than you think. Our largest muscle group, the butt help us do simple things such as walking, climbing stairs, and sitting. Going by many names – from booty to rear-end to posterior and more – the butt has been a focus of cultures around the world since the dawn of time. It has also been the focus of our primate relatives who often use it to determine a mate’s fertility and desirability (as we also do).

It’s time to give your butt the credit it deserves. From the annual “Rear of the Year” award recognizing the best bum in show business to the origin of twerking and the reason some of us have big butts, this list will satisfy your secret desire to learn more about one of our most popular muscles. If you’ve ever wanted a list of facts to cheekily drop as a pick-up line at your next cocktail party, this is the perfect list for you. (Spoiler: There’s actually a word to describe a person who likes looking at or touching a butt.) Get jiggy with this list of 25 Cheeky Butt Facts to Make You LYAO.

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The term "callipygian" describes a person with an attractive butt. "Callimammapygian" is for someone with attractive breasts and butt.

C_W_Eckersberg_1841_-_Kvinde_foran_et_spejlSource: Dictionary, Image: Wikipedia

Men and women normally have different sized butts due to hormones. Estrogen causes the body to store fat in the butt, hips, and thighs.

statue with butt exposedSource: Singleton, Alena J. (2008). "Cultural History of the Buttocks"., Image: antmoose via Flickr


On an evolutionary level, some psychologists believe round butts developed because they visually showed a woman was youthful and fertile, carrying enough fat for a healthy pregnancy then lactation.

pregnant-womanSource: Singleton, Alena J. (2008). "Cultural History of the Buttocks"., Image: Hollywood Daily via YouTube

Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo) has her butt insured. If anything tragic happens to it, she'll get a $27 million payout. Kylie Minogue's rear-end is insured for an impressive $5 million.

jennifer lopez swimsuit photoshootSource: MSN, Image: Wikipedia


Saartjie Baartman was a Khoikhoi woman from southwestern Africa with steatopygia: high levels of tissue on the buttocks and thighs. In the early 1800's, she was paraded as a freak show around Europe under the name Hottentot Venus.

saartjie baartman - A_Pair_of_Broad_BottomsSource: Clifton C. Crais, Pamela Scully (2009). Sara Baartman and the Hottentot Venus: a ghost story and a biography., Image: Wikipedia

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