25 Clever Things You Can Do With An Old Pizza Box

Did you know there are 25 clever things you can do with an old pizza box? Yes, there are pizza box hacks and we’ve got them here. After gorging yourself on pizza, the pizza box ends up in the next logical place: the trash bin. If throwing out a sea of boxes fills you with environmental guilt, it’s time to make a change. Unfortunately, you can’t rely on your local recycling plant to do it for you. Most don’t accept pizza boxes. So, what do you do? You do what these people did and find creative and crafty ways to reuse them. It doesn’t take too much work, and you’ll feel better about protecting the environment. Here are 25 Clever Things You Can Do With An Old Pizza Box to get you started.

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Pizza Box Chair

cardboard chair

Craft Storage

pizza box crafts


Soccer Field


Marble Maze

marble maze


Tic Tac Toe Box

pizza box tic tac toe

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