25 Complaints That People Often Have About Their Countries

We bet that you have some complaints about your country. After all, no country is perfect. Even though there are plenty of indexes out there showing which country is the best in some given area, people complain anyway. Yes, even the Swiss. So get ready to feel a little less bad about where you live. These are 25 complaints that people often have about their countries!


New Zealand

planeSource: quora

It’s really expensive to go almost anywhere else in the world. Although flight prices tend to fluctuate seasonally and yearly, New Zealand’s isolation doesn’t lend itself well to international travel.

Note: Within Europe and the US it is possible to reach numerous other countries for far less than 1000 USD. In New Zealand, that will get you to…Australia.



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The population density is unreal. Imagine cramming 160 million into the state of Georgia!



taxSource: quora

Tax evasion is almost seen as patriotic in some parts (apparently this dates back to the days of the Ottoman Empire)



azerbaijanSource: quora

Nepotism. This is basically the practice of hiring people from your own family or circle of friends rather than those who are most qualified. (note: people throughout the Caucuses would lament over this)



briberySource: quora

In spite of having joined the EU, corruption is almost taken for granted here. According to the Corruption Perceptions Index conducted by Transparency International, Romania ranked as the 4th most corrupt nation in the European Union. There has even been a very popular political witch hunt within the country in recent years. The National Corruption Directorate indicted over 1,000 politicians, judges and businesspeople in 2014 alone.

Note: the corruption takes many forms including bribery, embezzlement, money laundering, bullying, official misconduct, abuse of power, tax evasion, and falsification of documents – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_corruption_scandals_in_Romania


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