25 Controversial Things That Society Subconsciously Embraces Or Considers Cool

For an article that comes with the word “controversial” right in the title, the trolls are probably already getting their keyboards ready. But in this list we are not trying to pick a fight. In fact, none of the things mentioned in this list come from ourselves or our staff (in spite of the list’s subjective nature). All of the ideas and concepts you are about to be exposed to come from forums and message boards, primarily via Reddit. For this reason there may be things on this list that we ourselves don’t even fully understand or agree with, but having said that, for each item listed, there is a significant portion of society with strong feelings regarding that topic. So, how did we choose what to include? The first criteria is that the concept, idea, or practice must be embraced by society in some manner (typically via Hollywood, fashion, TV shows, or social media). The second is that it has to be controversial. It’s best to just jump in and see what made the list in order to get a better understanding. Either way, we tried to keep things as objectively third party as possible but still inject a bit of humor. These are 25 controversial things that society subconsciously embraces or considers cool.

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ApathySource: reddit

To get it out of the way…not caring about anything is quite often perceived as cool. And keep in mind, we’re specifically talking about complete, total apathy. Without this, we probably wouldn’t even have a list.


Cheating (in the relationship sense)

Cheating (in the relationship sense)Source: reddit

You don’t need to watch too many movies to see why this made the list. There are even dating websites targeting married people.



PimpingSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

On the one side pimps are portrayed as silly goofs with their bright colored hats and suits, and on the other side you have the whole human trafficking thing.


Youtube prank shows

Youtube prank showsSource: reddit

As with a lot of things on this list, we’re not talking about every prank show, just like we’re not talking about every rapper or every rock star. But there are definitely a good number that cause quite a bit of controversy with their pranks.


Being in the Mafia

Being in the MafiaSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

On the one hand you have people who are legitimately affected by the Mob, and on the other hand you have TV shows like Mob Wives.

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