25 Cool Facts About SpongeBob You Might Not Know

The highest rated series to ever air on Nickelodeon, Spongebob SquarePants has entertained millions of kids and adults alike. Winner of six Annie Awards, eight Golden Reel Awards, and two Emmy Awards (among others), the show has received world wide acclaim and has amassed a large following. There have been some rumors that the show would finally be canceled on October 17th, but these rumors have been soundly debunked. Now, after 17 years since its creation, SpongeBob still enjoys a strong following, so today we are going to share with you 25 cool facts about SpongeBob you might not know.


Hillenberg resigned as the series’ show runner after the first film premiered and didn’t help write any episodes for a full decade. However, he returned to work on the second movie and is set to return to the show itself.

HillenbergImage: www.zimbio.com

The original movie was animated at Rough Draft Studios in South Korea.

spongebob-movieImage: spongebob.wikia.com


The crew of the first movie built an oversized David Hasselhoff replica to be used for visual effects. The actor kept it as a souvenir and still has it to this day.

David Hasselhoff replicaImage: www.today.com

The original Spongebob movie, which premiered back in 2004, yes, you heard right, that movie is over eleven years old, is meant to be the end of the series. Everything that has premiered afterwards, including the newest movie, takes place before that story line.

SpongebobImage: fanart.tv


The Voice of Plankton’s computer wife, Karen, Jill Talley, is actually married to Tom Kenny in real life.

planktons-computer-wifeImage: spongebob.wikia.com

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