25 Coolest Restaurants You Could Ever Hope To Eat At

From scuba diving down to your table to having lunch hanging from a crane, these are the 25 coolest restaurants you could ever hope to eat at!

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Ninja Castle

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Modeled after an ancient Japanese castle, Ninja New York is part maze, part restaurant, with waiters that dazzle the guests with their insane acrobatics as they enter into the mysterious world of the ninja.


Dinner in a Gondola

weird restaurants

This isn’t the only high altitude eatery on our list but it is the only one that occupies a gondola. At Stuckli Sky Dining you get to enjoy the Swiss Alps from the four person ski lift while feasting on a four course meal.


The Safehouse

weird restaurants

At this spy themed restaurant in Milwaukee you need to know the password to get in.


The Robot Couple

weird restaurants

For years, people in Yiwu, China wondered how the same couple staffed the local diner from 6am to 3am with no breaks. Well, it turns out it was actually two sets of twins that got married to each other.


Fortezza Medicea

weird restaurants

This restaurant near Pisa, Italy doubles as a maximum security prison. The cooks and waiters are all doing life sentences.

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