25 Countries With The Highest Average IQ

Have you ever wondered which country has the highest average IQ? Many people have been asking this question and many studies have been conducted to try and answer it. One of the most recent and comprehensive IQ studies was conducted in 2016 by the Statistic Brain Research Institute. You won’t believe what they found. Curious to know if your country is among the smartest in the world? Check out the 25 countries with the highest average IQ.

Note: Rankings of the average IQ by countries are always controversial and should be interpreted with caution. Some rankings are shared by multiple countries with the same IQ score. They are separated according to the alphabetical order within that ranking. The following list is NOT a ranking of average IQ by race.

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Canada (average IQ: 97)

flag of Canada Source: statisticbrain.com

Canada ranks high in many international measurements such as civil liberties, quality of life, education etc. so seeing this country on this list is not surprising. With the average national IQ of 97, Canada shares the 25th place with the Czech Republic and Finland, who both achieved the same score.


United States (average IQ: 98)

flag of United StatesSource: statisticbrain.com

The average American IQ might surprise you. The United States’ education system lags behind other developed countries such as Japan, Australia, and Canada. However, the Statistic Brain Research Institute study ranks the U.S. among the smartest nations in the world with an average IQ of 98.


Norway (average IQ: 98)

flag of NorwaySource: statisticbrain.com

The first Scandinavian country to appear on the list, Norway is known for high quality of life, one of the world’s highest incomes, and stunning landscapes. It’s also a very smart country with an average IQ of 98.


Mongolia (average IQ: 98)

flag of Mongolia Source: statisticbrain.com

A landlocked country in East Asia, Mongolia is not as developed as most other countries on the list, but it did surprisingly well in the IQ survey. Although herding and agriculture are still important parts of this country’s economy, Mongolia boasts the same average IQ as Norway, the US, France, Denmark, and Australia.


France (average IQ: 98)

flag of France Source: statisticbrain.com

The world’s most visited country, France performs well in many international rankings such as education, health care, life expectancy, human development etc., and it produced a very good result in the IQ study, too.

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