25 Craziest Drugs You Might Not Know Existed

Do you know someone who was hooked on some crazy sounding drug? Hopefully not, but sometime it can seem like there are new dangerous drugs everyday, especially with the opioid epidemic sweeping the world. Some of these new drugs are so potent that they are hundreds of times more powerful than morphine. These are the 25 craziest drugs you might not know existed.

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yageSource: bbc.com

Made from the ayahuasca vine and a shrub named chacruna, this is one of nature’s craziest hallucinogens. It has been used since ancient times by tribesmen to go on spiritual “journeys”.



DNPSource: washingtonpost.com

Also known as 2,4-Dinitrophenol, this drug burns fat so well that it raises the body temperature to dangerous levels and essentially cooks the body from the inside out. It was initially approved as a weight loss drug in the early 1930s but due to its organ-microwaving tendencies it was discontinued a few year later. Unfortunately, people still get it on the black market.



depressionSource: drugs.com

Known as anti-pot because it basically undoes the effects of marijuana (notably decreasing the munchies), Rimonabant was approved as a weight loss drug. Unfortunately it was making people depressed and suicidal so the drug was removed from the market.



air conditioningSource: nytimes.com

Common in air conditioning units, some people try to inhale this gas to get a quick high. Problematically, even small doses can cause serious brain damage.



soldiersSource: listverse.com

It’s basically marijuana on steroids and was initially developed by the military to cripple the enemy without killing them.

Featured Image: pixabay (public domain)
25. TerpsichoreAyahuasca prepCC BY-SA 3.0, 24. Aleksander Sobolewski via Wikimedia Commons2,4-DinitrophenolCC BY-SA 4.0, 23-19. pixabay (public domain), 18. [[::User:Crohnie|Crohnie]], Fentanyl lollipops Actiq 400 mcgCC BY-SA 3.0, 17-15. pixabay (public domain), 14. wikimedia commons (public domain), 13-5. pixabay (public domain), 4. wikimedia commons (public domain), 3. pixabay (public domain), 2-1. pixabay (public domain)

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