25 Craziest Political Promises Ever

Everyone knows that when it comes to empty promises, politicians have a monopoly. Every time election season rolls around, the promises flow, and without fail, the people cling to the ones they want to believe in the most. Sure, while some of them might be a little believable, or at least believable enough, every once in a while, politicians reach new audacious levels of crazy. So, in honor of their incredible boldness, these are the 25 Craziest Political Promises Ever!

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Vermin Supreme Promised Ponies for Everyone


Although Vermin has made plenty of crazy promises in his comical political career, the promise to provide everyone with ponies and move the United States to a pony based economy really topped off the list.


John Edwards Promised to Cure Diabetes, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's

john edwards

During his presidential run with John Kerry, John Edwards promised that disabled people will get up out of their chairs and walk again.


Herman Cain Promised to Veto Any Bill Longer Than 3 Pages

herman cain

Although he had a point with his statement (legislation does have a tendency of getting a bit wordy), Herman didn’t manage to convince anyone.


Dan Quayle Promised Best Educated American People in the World


Dan promised the country that no other nation in the world will have better educated American citizens. Touche, Dan…touche.


Andy Caffrey Promised to Smoke a Joint on Capitol Hill

SmokingSource: https://www.politico.com/story/2012/05/candidate-ill-smoke-a-joint-on-hill-076574

This 54-year-old California Congress candidate campaigned on several issues, but smoking a marijuana cigarette on the steps of Capitol Hill became a highlight.

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