Craziest Scientific Experiments You Won’t Believe Were Actually Conducted

Science is fine as long as it involves laser beams and space flight, but every now and then, it can lead to some pretty intense “what were they thinking!?” moments. Of course, if you are a fan of science fiction, you’ll probably enjoy the strange, jaw dropping, and twisted experiments we are about to take a look at, but beware! For some, they may be a bit much to stomach. These are the Craziest Scientific Experiments You Won’t Believe Were Actually Conducted!

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Orgone Energy and Weather

Orgone Energy and Weather

Wilhelm Helm, a psychoanalyst and a follower of Sigmund Freud, developed the Orgone Theory in the 1930’s. He believed that this “orgone energy,” a life force or cosmic energy, was an extension of Freud’s idea of the libido, and he called the study of it, Orgonomy. In 1940, he decided to concentrate the orgone in Faraday cages called “orgone accumulators” as a means to cure cancer and for plant growth. Not surprisingly, his ridiculous claims were never proven and even landed him in jail when he tried smuggling his “orgone devices” across state lines.


Elephant on Acid

truko the elephant

A study on elephant’s behavior resulted in the most outrageous experiments made in the name of science when Warren Thomas injected an elephant named Truko, with 297 milligrams of LSD. This is 3,000 times more than what a regular human user would take. The experiment, done at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Oklahoma City in 1962, was made to determine whether it would trigger temporary madness in elephants called ‘musth,’ where male elephants become overly aggressive. An hour later, however, Truko was dead.


The Two-Headed Dog


Charles Claude Guthrie, an American physiologist, made significant contributions in his field and even collaborated with Alexis Carrel, a French physician who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology for Medicine in 1912 for their work on vascular surgery. Guthrie, although he should have been included, was denied the prize probably due to his head transplant experiments where he would sew the head of one dog onto another. Surprisingly, his experiments actually showed some success with the severed heads being kept artificially alive during the transplant.


Frankenstein Dogs

twoheaded dog

Another scientist obsessed with transplantation, Vladimir Demikhov is widely cited for being the man behind heart transplants. Like Charles Guthrie, Vladimir did his share of experimenting on animals and dogs with mild success.


A Mammoth Mistake


Hwang Woo-Suk, a Korean veterinarian, researcher, and professor of theriogenelogy and biotechnology, made waves with apparent breakthroughs in stem cell research which were published in high-profile journals. However, it all blew up in his face when he was indicted on embezzlement and bioethics law violations after spending over half a million dollars in private donations trying to clone woolly mammoths.

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