25 Crazy Ways Amazon Changed Shopping

Have you ever wondered about the crazy ways Amazon has changed shopping? Perhaps only once in a hundred years does a company come around that radically changes everything. Amazon started as a startup by Jeff Bezos in 1994. Since then, it’s grown to a massive company that makes $61 billion in annual revenue and employs thousands of people. Not only has it played a part in bringing down huge corporations, but it’s radically shifted the shopping environment altogether. Here are 25 Crazy Ways Amazon Changed Shopping.


Stingy Shopping

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A big complaint among many consumers was lack information. Usually, you’d purchase something in the hope it would work out.  For better or worse, Amazon’s reviews changed everything. Most people now look up items on Amazon and check their reviews before shopping, becoming much more selective in their purchases.


It's The First Stop

stopSource: https://www.adtaxi.com/blog-roll/2018/8/23/6-ways-amazon-has-changed-buying-behaviors

When they need to go shopping, many consumers now go to Amazon first before anywhere else. As you can imagine, that gives Amazon a big leg up over other retailers.




With all these new shopping abilities, Amazon created a phenomenon called “Showrooming.” Over the years, people developed habits of deliberately going to retailers, like Target or Best Buy, to look at a product but with the intention of getting it on Amazon.


Unconventional Return Policies

amazon boxSource: https://nrf.com/blog/21-ways-amazon-changed-the-face-of-retail

For some items on Amazon, when you say you want to return it, Amazon will just tell you to keep the item. The cost of shipping it back is too much of a hassle, and it offers them a load of good will. Many now expect the same customer service at other retailers.


Brick and Mortar

amazon goSource: https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/23/17970466/amazon-prime-shopping-behavior-streaming-alexa-minimum-wage

Amazon has become so popular that most people just aren’t shopping at brick and mortar stores like before, resulting in several big name brands like Toys R’ Us and Sears to file for bankruptcy. Ironically, Amazon has revealed they’ll be creating more of their own brick and mortar stores called “Amazon Go.” However, unlike most stores, Amazon Go won’t have any checkout or clerks, allowing you to purchase items just by taking stuff off the shelves and leaving.

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