25 Creative Hacks To Re-Purpose Common Household Items

Whether it’s to be thrifty or use what’s on hand, plenty of creative hack techniques exist that allows us to use our household items in ways other than they were intended. From an egg-based anti-aging cream to better baking by using cheap vodka, this list features creative ways items which stock nearly all of our kitchen shelves can be re-purposed. If you have some left over baking soda or some old banana peels lying around before tossing them out, you’ll find ways to use them to help out around the house. So dig out the back of the cupboard and apply some of these 25 Creative hacks To Re-Purpose Common Household Items.

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Fighting sugar with cinnamon

ants in kitchenSource: Anniesremedy.com, Image: Wikipedia

Sugar ants are a common sight in most of our kitchens. Rather than buying ant traps or spraying harsh chemical pesticides, sprinkle powdered cinnamon wherever you find the critters. (A bonus is that your kitchen and house will smell like fresh cookies.)


Another use for household foil

aluminum ballSource: Frugal Village, Image: Wikimedia

If you want a cheap alternative to dryer sheets, wrap a tennis ball in aluminum foil and toss it in with your next drying cycle.


Cleaning the writings on the wall, WD-40 to the rescue

child with crayon next to wallSource: Woman's Day, Image: juhansonin via Flickr

One of parents’ worst nightmares is coming home only to find their crayon-inclined child has chosen a new canvas: the walls. To clean a wall of crayon markings, spray WD-40 on the spot and lightly rub it down. Wipe the wall down with a soapy towel afterwards to pull off the oily residue from the WD-40.


Uses for your old yoga mat

Tomare_Yoga_MatsSource: Frugal Village, Image: Wikimedia

Big-time yoga devotees will find their mats wearing out with time and Warrior-Two’s. Rather than tossing it in the bin, put your old yoga mat under heavy items to prevent damage to your wood or tile flooring. Since they absorb pretty well, you can also use them as a mat to wipe wet or dirty feet when entering the house.


Shave your legs with a pantry staple

woman shaving legsSource: Woman's Day, Image: Wikipedia

As the world becomes a bit more metrosexual and shaving every out-of-place hair has become the name of the game, shaving creams are becoming more varied and more expensive. For a cheap alternative (which likely has more nutrients for your skin than shaving creams), use olive oil instead of shaving cream.

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