25 Creative Hacks To Re-Purpose Common Household Items

Whether it’s to be thrifty or use what’s on hand, plenty of creative hack techniques exist that allows us to use our household items in ways other than they were intended. From an egg-based anti-aging cream to better baking by using cheap vodka, this list features creative ways items which stock nearly all of our kitchen shelves can be re-purposed. If you have some left over baking soda or some old banana peels lying around before tossing them out, you’ll find ways to use them to help out around the house. So dig out the back of the cupboard and apply some of these 25 Creative hacks To Re-Purpose Common Household Items.

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A sweet remedy

Texas_State_Fair_honeySource: U.S. News & World Report, Image: Wikipedia

Endorsed by Aristotle and used as far back as Ancient Egyptian times, honey is a powerful ally when it comes to healing wounds. Just rub a bit on your next cut for a powerful and sweet disinfectant. Where the honey comes from greatly affects its healing power, but overall this bee-product does an excellent job at killing bacteria due to its high acid content and ability to dehydrate bacteria.


Homemade kindling after a cuppa

teabagSource: Frugal Village, Image: Wikimedia

Tea bags are multi-functional items which can be used as anything from a deodorizer to a fire-starter. To use them as kindling, stuff dry (used or unused) teabags into the cardboard tube from a finished roll of toilet paper. The lint from your dryer also makes great kindling and can be stuffed in before lighting the tube ablaze.


Curbing the smell of cigarettes

ashtraySource: Frugal Village, Image: Pixabay

If you don’t like the smell of cigarettes but will be having some smokers to your place for a shindig, this creative use of a household item is for you. Simply fill an ashtray or an old can with kitty litter. The particles will pick up any smell of an extinguished cigarette, keeping it from lingering in your house.


A remedy for a soaked phone

Litter_boxSource: Frugal Village, Image: Wikimedia

The most common folk remedy for a phone which has taken an unexpected liquid dip is a blow-dryer and uncooked rice. For a more effective solution, plunge your phone in some far-more-absorbent kitty litter instead.


Not everyone likes beer

beer for slugsSource: Wisebread, Image: git via Flickr

To stop a slug infestation, fill a plate or small container with beer and place it on the ground near the slugs – check back the next day for the intoxicated critters.

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