25 Creepy Skeleton Coast Photos, A Place You Might Never Want To Visit

“Death would be preferable to banishment to such a country“. Allegedly, this is how Swedish explorer Charles John Andersson described the Skeleton Coast when he first saw it in 1859. This northern part of the Atlantic Ocean coast of Namibia ranks among the most feared and scary places on Earth and these 25 pictures will show you why.

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On the Skeleton Coast, the winds usually blow from land to sea. Rain is extremely rare there with the rainfall scarcely exceeding 0.39 inches annually.

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The sand dunes of the Namib Desert move at speed of up to 50 feet per year, covering some of the skeletons while revealing others, such as these oryx antlers.

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One of the very few indigenous tribes capable of living in such inhospitable land is the Himba people; semi-nomadic hunters and gatherers occupying the Kunene region in Northern Namibia.

travel.nationalgeographic.com TvyamNb-BivtNwcoxtkc5xGBuGkIMh_nj4UJHQKuorpGUnhLTVDW_iujvjQU_wn1RQVDxxXG_AwQBwtravel.nationalgeographic.com

It was the whales´ bones after which the Skeleton Coast got its frightening name.

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If you ever happen to show up in the spooky place, you may find this stylish welcome sign.

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