25 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Finally Solved

Have you ever wondered if seemingly impossible to solve mysteries finally got their answer? Today is your lucky day! Here are 25 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Finally Solved

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Thor's Hammer


Over a thousand hammers have been found all over Northern Europe. Danish archaeologists have now confirmed the hammers to all be representations of Thor’s hammer. These are the only artifacts to connect to the legend of Thor; even vikings wore pendants of the hammer.


Martin Bormann


Bormann was the highest ranking Nazi official that couldn’t be found after World War II ended. Some thought he fled the country to save himself, but in 1999, his body was found in an unmarked grave.


The Fairy Circles of Namib Desert


The random almost perfectly circular spots caused quite the confusion, until scientists concluded that this is a form of plant competition when water levels are scarce.


King Tutankhamun’s Tomb


For many years the tomb of King Tut was only heard of, but no one actually knew where it was, what luxuries it contained, and if it even existed. This wasn’t until 1922 when archaeologist Howard Carter found the tomb in the Valley of Kings.


The City of Troy


Many believed the city of Troy to be fictional until the 19th century when German businessman and archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann found remains and ancient treasures of the city.

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