25 Creepy Urban Legends That Are Actually True

Have you heard rumors that some of the most popular Urban legends are actually true? Believe it or not, these rumors are correct! Urban legends spread like wildfire because they are simultaneously believable and frightening. The trouble is, most of them aren’t true, but it’s still difficult to determine between urban legend fact and fiction. Just in time to creep you out for Halloween, we’ve compiled a list of true urban legends which will have you shaking in your boots. (Does anyone even use that line anymore?) From a tug-of-war match which will literally cost you an arm (keep the leg) to an ex-boyfriend living in a woman’s attic to waking up in an ice bath without a kidney, these 25 items are creepy occurrences we’d never want to happen to us (or you for that matter). Keep the lights on as you explore this list of 25 creepy urban legends that are actually true.

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The tug-of-war match to tug your arm off

Mirfield_Show_2007_-_Roam's_Tug_of_WarSource: Snopes, Image: Wikimedia

In one of the largest tug-of-war matches ever held, 800 people lined up on each side of a nylon rope to be crowned the winners at Retrocession Day celebrations in Taipei, Taiwan. Each side pulled as hard as they could, exerting three times more force than the rope was capable of withstanding, causing the rope to snap along with the arms of the two men in front. Yang Chiung-ming and Chen Ming-kuo each had their arms ripped apart between the shoulder and elbow due to the force of the rebounding rope. Thankfully, they were rushed to hospital where doctors spent seven hours reattaching their limbs.


Death by chimney

santa going down chimneySource: AP, Image: Let's Go Out Bournemouth and Poole via Flickr

Santa Claus somehow manages to make it down millions of chimneys every year without a hitch – and that’s real magic. Humans aren’t so magical, as a Californian doctor with relationship problems found out. In an attempt to infiltrate her boyfriend’s house. Dr. Jacquelyn Kotarac tried to climb down the chimney but got stuck in its confines. Three days later, a housesitter saw fluids dripping down the fireplace and smelled rotting flesh, soon discovering the decomposing cause.


The chef who cooked his own wife

Contract_worker_prepares_a_big_pot_of_food_at_GuantanamoSource: NBC News, Image: Wikimedia

A truly accomplished chef can turn even the toughest meat into a tender, satisfying meal. Chef David Viens must have really thought himself skilled when he tried cooking some tough meat – his wife. After an argument, Viens duct-taped his wife up and found her dead the following morning. Trying to destroy the evidence, he cooked her in a massive pot (yes, her whole, intact body) for four days.


Flesh-eating maggots in your head

maggotsSource: Huffington Post, Image: Wikipedia

British national Rochelle Harris had a wonderful time on her hiking trip in Peru – until she got back home. Initially ruled as an ear infection, doctors soon found a “writhing mass of maggots” feeding on the flesh of Harris’s ear. A New World screwworm fly had laid eggs in her ear canal which soon caused seething pain down her face and a strange discharge from her ear. Doctors successfully removed the maggots and Harris made a full recovery.


Eating nails for breakfast

grill brushSource: Snopes, Image: izik via Flickr

In a serious lesson on food safety, a Galveston, Texas, girl showed up to the emergency room with severe pain in her throat. After x-raying her esophagus, doctors found a piece of metal wire lodged therein. What had happened? Some days earlier, her father was cleaning the barbecue grill with a metal wire brush. Since he didn’t wipe the grill down with a cloth afterwards, shards of metal remained and lodged themselves into the next meal the family cooked, which the girl ate.

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