25 Creepy Urban Legends You’ll Hope Aren’t True

Urban legends can be found all over the world, in almost every culture. Sometimes these myths can be fun, moral lessons or a tradition passed down from generation to generation. However, more often than not, urban myths and legends take on a scarier side, revealing the dark corners of society. The best urban legends are the ones mixing fact with fiction, making it seem real but it really isn’t. And they almost always tell us something about ourselves and reveal our darkest fears. Here are 25 Creepy Urban Legends You’ll Hope Aren’t True.

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The Dog Boy

scary-dogSource: http://www.arkansasonline.com

Gerald Bettis was a troubled young man. Born in 1954, he was raised by kind-hearted parents, but apparently, their values didn’t stick. Gerald was known for collecting stray animals, like dogs and cats, around the neighborhood and torturing them. Neighbors claimed to hear the howls. As he grew up, living with his parents into adulthood, he became crueler. He abused his parents and would lock them up in the attic. When Gerald ended up in prison and his mother and father passed away, the house went up for sale. As different people lived in the house, they all told stories of bizarre and strange things happening like lights flicking off and on, pennies floating in the air, and strange men looking through the windows and vanishing. The Bettis House is known for being haunted, and realtors struggle to sell it.


The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs

upstairsSource: http://www.snopes.com/

A couple living in a large isolated house put their children to bed and hired a babysitter to watch after them while they were away. When the babysitter was watching television, she got a phone call from upstairs that said, “I’m upstairs with the children, you better come up.” Thinking it was a prank call, she hung up and watched television some more. However, moments later the phone rang again and the voice said the same thing. Frightened, the babysitter called the operator and asked to call the police. Right after she hung up, she got another call with the same message, “I’m upstairs with the children, you better come up.” She tried to keep him on the line, but he hung up. She got another call and this time it was the operator telling her to get out of the house. When the police arrived, they found a man with a butcher knife, covered in blood after killing the children.


The Bushman

bearSource: https://www.adn.com

Years ago, the Inuit people in Alaska and the Bushman lived harmoniously together. The Inuit used boats to catch fish, but the Bushman also wanted to use them. One day, a Bushman tried to take a boat but was killed by an Inuit boy for doing it. The Bushman all ran away never to be seen again, but every now and then hunters will be said to vanish in the wilderness because of the Bushman.


The Crosley Monster

big-foot-monsterSource: http://www.blumhouse.com

Four boys went camping one day in Crosley, Indiana. They pitched their tent near a fishing pond and fished into the evening. That’s when they heard a noise coming from behind them in the woods. Turning around, they saw two large red eyes, staring right at them. Since it was dark out, one of the boys grabbed their flashlight to see what was in the woods. As he flashed the light on the creature, he dropped it almost immediately. It was a beast covered in hair, shaking the trees and releasing foul grunts. The boys took off running for their car, and were chased by the beast. When they got to their road and headed for the car, the beast disappeared back into the woods.


Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?

dark manSource: http://www.snopes.com

A girl in college was studying late and went back to her dorm room to get notes. The lights were off and she didn’t want to disturb her roommate, so she snuck into the dark room, got what she needed and left. When she returned and turned the lights on, she found her roommate dead with lipstick on the mirror, saying, “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light?”

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