25 Curious Statistics That Will Mess With Your View Of The World

We all know that statistics can lie. And these days what with fake news and all, checking your stats can be a full time job. But, just because something sounds crazy, doesn’t mean it’s not true. Today we’re going to go through some data points that might make your head spin. Here are 25 curious statistics that will mess with your view of the world.

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Following 9/11, there were an estimated extra 1,600 traffic fatalities on US roads than what would be statistically expected. Researchers believe this was due to people changing their habits to avoid flying, which ironically turned out to be more dangerous in the end.

trafficSource: mpg.de

The amount of money spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could have paid for solar panels on the roof of every house in America. ($1.467 trillion divided by 132 million households = $11,000 per household spent on the war. 2.5 kW panels cost roughly $10,000)

solarSource: washingtonpost.com


Since 1960, the world population has doubled

EarthSource: geohive.com

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota is essentially a third world country. Life expectancy is 47 years for males (lowest in the western hemisphere) and unemployment is over 80%. Most of the population lives without running water, sewage, or electricity. Also, the infant mortality rate is 5 times the US average.

Pine Ridge Reservation in South DakotaSource: msnbc.com


More American soldiers die from suicide than any other cause

soldiersSource: theatlanticwire.com

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