25 Deliciously Unique McDonald’s Food From Around The World

Big macs, Quarterpounders, Chicken Nuggets, these are all familiar McDonald’s menu items to most people. In fact, you could argue that McDonald’s would not be quite the same without these items. But what if we were to tell you that there other items in other parts of the world that offer some unique and possibly delicious additions to the McDonald’s menu. Many of these items cater to the local culture and consequently can only be found in certain places, such as the prosperity burger and McPoutine. From black and white hamburgers to good ole’ spam, these are the 25 Deliciously Unique McDonald’s Food From Around The World.

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McToast (Italy)

McToast (Italy)Source: mcdonalds.com, aboutmcdonalds.com, foodnetwork.co.uk

It’s basically an inside out hamburger bun with ham and cheese


Veg Pizza McPuff (India)

Veg Pizza McPuff (India)Source: mcdonalds.com, aboutmcdonalds.com, foodnetwork.co.uk

Vegetable pizza never looked better….or puffier.


McLobster (Canada)

McLobster (Canada)Source: mcdonalds.com, aboutmcdonalds.com, foodnetwork.co.uk

It’s not the most eclectic item on our list but it definitely looks tasty!


Taro Pie (China)

Taro Pie (China)Source: mcdonalds.com, aboutmcdonalds.com, foodnetwork.co.uk

Just imagine a McDonald’s apple pie filled with taro-root instead of apples


Ovomaltine McFlurry (Brazil)

Ovomaltine McFlurry (Brazil)Source: mcdonalds.com, aboutmcdonalds.com, foodnetwork.co.uk

This flavor is also available in some European countries

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