25 Dogs Who Nailed The Game Of Hide And Seek

If there is a game in which dogs are particularly cute and adorable, it’s the game of hide and seek. From a German shepherd ingeniously hidden behind toilet paper to a Shar Pei pretending to be a towel, check out these 25 dogs who nailed the game of hide and seek.


Ok, you found me. Just don’t sit on the couch please.

Dog hidingwww.huffingtonpost.com

If I cannot see you, you cannot see me, alright?

Dog hidingwww.newslinq.com


I thought nobody would ever find me in this shelf.

Dog hidingbitwebmagazine.com

Now I am a chameleon.

Dog hidingwww.boredpanda.com


There is no way the vet could find me here.

Dog hidingdiply.com

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