25 Dream Facts Which Might Help You Sleep Better

Dreaming is a universal human experience. From happy dreams about past events to nightmares about events unknown, we all dream. Though scientists have put a great deal of study into dreams, our sleeping thoughts are still largely an enigma, a mystery. For how much we would like to know, we know very little. But the facts we do know about dreams are fascinating – from differences in what men and women dream about to the ability to control our dreams to how our dreams are affected by what happens around us. (Just like the film Inception; well, maybe not exactly like, but close enough.) Dive with us into the deepest part of our sleeping selves in this list of 25 dream facts which might help you sleep better.

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We're all scared of cheaters

Cheating_Cheaters_(1934)Source: WebMD, Image: Wikimedia

The most common dream we all experience is of a cheating spouse or lover. Rooted in the universal fear of being left alone, dreaming about a partner’s infidelity can happen many times and often not even be related to concerns of or the reality of an affair.


We get sexually aroused while dreaming

Edwin_Landseer_-_Scene_from_A_Midsummer_Night's_Dream._Titania_and_Bottom_-_Google_Art_ProjectSource: WebMD, Image: Wikipedia

All humans become aroused during sleep, especially during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. It is common for adolescent boys to have “nocturnal emissions”, and women can experience similar changes with their genitals becoming “engorged and lubricated”.


Our dreams include more flying

flying boat dreamSource: Medical News Today, Image: Robert Couse-Baker via Flickr

The amount of people who dream they are flying has increased from 1956 to 2000. Researchers believe we now dream more of flying because the advent of airplanes has us flying more.


Insecure people dream more

cloud of insecuritySource: Medical News Today, Image: Pixabay

The dreams of insecure people differ from those of people who are more secure. Insecure people report dreaming more often and more intensely where strong emotions are brought to the forefront.


Moving after waking up stops the dream

woman waking upSource: WebMD, Image: againstthebrilliance via Flickr

To stay in a dream for an extra few minutes after waking up, stay in the same position you were in while asleep. If you move or stretch, your body activates your muscles and turns off the dream. (It would follow that to get rid of a nightmare, you should flail your limbs everywhere!)

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