25 Dreams That Forever Changed Society

Dreams have played a powerful role in history – from assassinations to scientific breakthroughs to the basis of many literary tales. Though we all dream while sleeping, in these 25 instances people have harnessed visions from their dreams and used them to create wondrous things, escape certain deaths, and even predict future events. Makes you want to keep a dream journal now, huh? Check out these 25 Dreams That Changed History!

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E = mc squared

Einstein face in latte

Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity changed the world of physics – and it came from a dream. Einstein dreamt he was sledding down a mountain, ever increasing speed until he nearly reached the speed of light. He noticed the stars looked different and this observation led him to the mathematics by which he figured out the famous formula.



Google artImage: Cory Doctorow, CC license 2.0

Yes, even the idea for our biggest search engine came from dreams. Founder Larry Page dreamt of Google, seeing that he & Sergey Brin could make a business by “downloading the entire web onto computers”.


The Twilight vampire

Twilight Cast

Like it or hate it, twilight changed the way pop culture saw vampires. Stephenie Meyer, author of the best-selling Twilight series, had the idea for vampires come to her in a dream – specifically for the human-vampire love relationships and where vampire skin sparkled when in the sun but didn’t burn.




What would the literary world be without Frankenstein? Author Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley dreamt up the idea for Frankenstein after Lord Byron (a fellow poet she was visiting) challenged his guests to write a ghost story. She dreamt of the moment when the mad scientist brought Frankenstein to life and, the following morning, began writing the chilling tale.




Beyond having the most covers of any song in history, The Beatles’s song Yesterday came to Paul McCartney while dreaming. He woke up with the music in his head and wrote it out on the piano next to him.

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