25 Dumbest Banned Things You Might Not Believe

We have already shown you some of the craziest things that have been banned in schools , but in fact, bizarre and ridiculous bans are not restricted to education only. A number of really weird bans have been issued by all kinds of authorities all over the world, and we picked the dumbest ones for today’s post. From reincarnation without government consent to making ugly faces at a dog, check out these 25 Dumbest Banned Things You Might Not Believe.

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Chinese PresidentSource: theguardian.com

The Chinese language is perfectly suited to puns because it has many homophones. Numerous popular sayings and even customs, as well as jokes, rely on wordplay here, but the Chinese government decided to ban puns and wordplays for fear of “cultural and linguistic chaos.”


Emo Culture

Emo CultureSource: theguardian.com

Russia came with a series of anti-emo laws to outlaw “rebellious kids with pierced lips, ridiculous haircuts, and too much eye shadow” because the Russian government considered the Emo culture a “dangerous teen trend.”



man frowningSource: onlineindus.com

If you want to visit Milan, make sure to smile all the time. The Italian metropolis has imposed a ban on frowning. The city states that it is a legal requirement to smile at all times, except during funerals or hospital visits. Grouches who dare to break this regulation can face a fine.



dance partySource: planetdolan.com

In 1948, Japan passed a law that banned dancing at public venues. Citizens were only permitted to dance until midnight at properly licensed clubs. This ban was originally introduced as a means to cut out prostitution, which was linked to dancing establishments.


Walking in public with ice cream in your pocket

ice cream in back pocketSource: brainjet.com

Definitely one of the weirdest things that has been banned in America…walking in public with ice cream in your pocket is illegal in New York. Interestingly, this bizarre rule applies only on Sundays.

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