25 Dumbest Banned Things You Might Not Believe

We have already shown you some of the craziest things that have been banned in schools , but in fact, bizarre and ridiculous bans are not restricted to education only. A number of really weird bans have been issued by all kinds of authorities all over the world, and we picked the dumbest ones for today’s post. From reincarnation without government consent to making ugly faces at a dog, check out these 25 Dumbest Banned Things You Might Not Believe.

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Ketchup Source: huffingtonpost.com

Renowned for its world-famous cuisine, France decided that local elementary schools would be better off without ketchup. The only exception when students can eat ketchup in school is when French fries are served.


Chewing Gum

Chewing gum on the streetSource: bbc.com

In 2004, Singapore, a city-state in Southeast Asia, imposed a strict ban on chewing gum imports. There is also a fine for spitting a gum out on the street. Singapore is also famous for its unusual laws against litter, graffiti, jaywalking, spitting, expelling “mucus from the nose,” and urinating anywhere but in a toilet.


Small-Breasted Pornography

Body Boobs Bra Black Boutique Bust BreastSource: theweek.com

The Australians may not be the most conservative nation in the world, but it still caused a huge controversy when the country’s government banned adult publications and films featuring women with small breasts.


Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh Source: hollywoodreporter.com

Tuszyn, a little town in Central Poland, decided to ban the iconic, honey-loving character from its playgrounds. Local authorities argued that Pooh is “half-naked” and of “dubious sexuality,” which is wholly inappropriate for little children.



Spanking Source: cnn.com

In 1979, Sweden became the first country in the world to ban physical punishment of children. Yes, that means not even parents are allowed to spank their own children in this European country. Since then, more than 30 other countries have passed similar laws.

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