25 Extremely Awkward Local News Captions

Local news is kind of like that little brother that always follows you around. He always messes things up but you can’t just tell him to go away. You have to put up with him. And you know something? As much as you hate him, deep down you actually love him. It’s the same with local news. They always mess things up, create awkward situations, and report on the most mundane and ridiculous things but come on, its your local news! How else will you find out that the mayor is having a garage sale on Saturday? Possibly the worst part of the local news (or the best depending on how you look at it), is the captions. No matter what the subject matter is, they are the easiest and most obvious way for the news to get messed up. Sometimes it’s because nobody actually entered any text so the placeholder just got splashed across the screen. Sometimes somebody wrote something terribly politically incorrect without realizing it. And other times you just came in at the wrong moment, with no context, and the placeholder just seems ridiculous. Regardless of the reason for the error, these are 25 extremely awkward local news captions!

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pistachio nuts

man with bizarre name

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