25 Extremely Thought Provoking Questions

Do you enjoy thought provoking questions? Then you’re in luck. But we warn you, if your brain feels like taking a day off, this list isn’t for you. If you don’t like rhetorical questions, this list isn’t for you either. These questions are about as thought provoking, rhetorical, and silly as it gets. Are you ready? Because these are 25 extremely thought provoking questions!


Does my dog know I am actually driving the car, or does she think I am just riding along as well?

dogSource: Ditditdit via reddit

Should I trust a pet shampoo that says it hasn't been tested on animals?

dogSource: penguinofspades via reddit


If most people take up golf after retiring, what do golfers do?

golfSource: Extreme_matt via reddit

Why would anybody buy a bookmark for a dollar when they could use a dollar as a bookmark?

dollarsSource: NOTW_116 via reddit


What if all the Ancient Greek sculptures are actually victims of Medusa?

medusaSource: Sindel_ via reddit

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