25 Extremely Thought Provoking Questions

Do you enjoy thought provoking questions? Then you’re in luck. But we warn you, if your brain feels like taking a day off, this list isn’t for you. If you don’t like rhetorical questions, this list isn’t for you either. These questions are about as thought provoking, rhetorical, and silly as it gets. Are you ready? Because these are 25 extremely thought provoking questions!


When someone dies from drug withdrawal, is that the same thing as overdosing on sobriety?

drugsSource: EverybodyPoopsBlood via reddit

Why do you get IN a car, but ON a bus?

busSource: Wonderwallpersona via reddit


What if the news about fake news, is fake news?

newsSource: 20timesIsay via reddit

Do old people smell like mothballs, or do mothballs smell like old people?

mothballsSource: dylbert_ via reddit


What if dreams are just screensavers for the brain?

brainSource: FuzzyLogicPro via reddit

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