25 Facts About Adoption To Melt Your Heart

A must-read list: 25 Facts About Adoption To Melt Your Heart! There is a good chance you know someone who has been adopted, it might even be yourself!

Adoption happens across the world, both domestically and internationally, for many reasons. Compassion, infertility, or the avoidance of a hereditary disease.

Whatever the reason, adoption gives a second chance to children who are looking for their forever homes, and parents who want to share their love with their own children.

Biological or not, the bond between parents and children is special, perhaps made even stronger by the intense process that is adoption.

Whether you are looking into adopting yourself, or are just curious about what the process entails, here are 25 Facts About Adoption to Melt Your Heart.

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Mixing it up


About one in three children from the foster care system are adopted by parents of a different race than the child. In foster care, most adopted children are non-white, while a 73% majority of the adopting parents are white.


Creating families


Research has shone that if every one out of three American churches adopted a child, every child looking for their forever family would no longer be in need in the U.S.


Stories of hope


In America alone, about seven million people were adopted.


Reasons why


There are many reasons families may decide to adopt, these include issues with fertility, wanting to avoid contributing to the overpopulation of the planet, and wanting to give someone a second chance at life.

Additionally, they may want to avoid passing on a hereditary disease, and even concerns over complications in pregnancy and birth.


From the beginning


Embryo adoption is also an option, where the embryo is given to another couple or individual to be implanted in the recipient woman’s uterus.

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