25 Facts About Black Cats That Are Absolutely Purrfect

When you see a black cat, what do you think of? Halloween and witches? Your impending doom and bad luck? Your newfound chances at landing a boyfriend? When it comes to black cats, there is no shortage of myths and superstitions. Well, if your curious about these inky felines and the truth behind them, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 25 Facts About Black Cats That Are Absolutely Purrfect!


There is more than 1 breed of cat that can be solid black. Just how many? 22. However, when most people thing of a black cat, they're thinking of the Bombay.


Bombay cats were bred specifically to look like panthers. Who was responsible? Louiville, KY breeder Nikki Horner. Bombays are known to be outgoing and playful.



Ever wonder how black cats got their bad rap in so many cultures? Some say it goes back to ancient Greece. The goddess Hera, Zeus's wife, wanted to prevent the birth of baby Hercules (who was a product of her husband's affair with princess Alcmene). Alcmene's servant prevented Hera's plan from going through. As punishment, Hera turned this servant into a black cat and sent her to serve the goddess of death and witchcraft. Any black cat, therefore, could be this servant of the goddess of death and witchcraft.


Starting in the Middle Ages, these sleek felines became associated with witches, witchcraft, and Satan. The connection? Apparently the ostracized women who were "guilty" of witchcraft took care of alley cats. The black cats, in turn, were thought to be taking part in the black magic of these so-called witches.

witch and catthespruce.com; todayifoundout.com


What's more, witches were soon thought to be able to actually transform into a black cat. The story goes that a man and his son threw stones at a black cat that had crossed their paths. The cat escaped into a woman's house, who at the time was suspected to be a witch. The next day, the man and his son came across the woman, and she was limping and bruised. Obviously, she was the cat they had taken shots at the day prior.

cat transformationtodayifoundout.com

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