25 Facts About Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot: An Extraordinary Leader

“It’s a new day, Chicago. We’re bringing in the Light.” When clicking on Lori Lightfoot’s website, the first message to be read is a big “THANK YOU CHICAGO” pop up, followed by the previous quote. Lori Lightfoot made history this spring as the first black woman and first openly gay person to serve as Chicago’s elected mayor.

The runoff election between Lightfoot and her opponent Toni Preckwinkle held consistently in the new mayor’s favor. Triumphant, focused, and humble, Lightfoot is ready to usher in lasting change to Chicago’s government. She stands for transparency and accountability. Lightfoot has a long history with those two themes, having worked in the past to bring justice to corrupt police and other sectors of City Hall.

Racism and injustice are held close to her heart, issues that she wants to work hard to reform. Lori Lightwood isn’t done making history, that’s for sure, so let’s take a look at 25 Facts About Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot: The First Black, Openly Gay Person to Hold the Post.

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Big goals


In search of financial independence, Lightfoot went on to attend law school. After being awarded a full scholarship, she graduated from University of Chicago Law School with her Juris Doctor degree in 1989.


Close to home



While Lightfoot was an undergraduate, her older brother was arrested in connection with a bank robbery. She has cited this as a reason for her drive to enter into public service.


The beginning


Lightfoot’s first legal job after graduating from law school was as a practicing attorney at the Mayer Brown law firm.



lori12 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lori_Lightfoot#Early_life

Lightfoot has mentioned that her drive for entering public service included a desire to better represent the African-American community. She also held a sense of injustice based on the murder of a family member by a Ku Klux Klan member in 1920’s.


Working hard


During her time as a federal prosecutor, Lightfoot helped to bring to trial many drug crimes. She also assisted with Operation Silver Shovel, which was an FBI investigation into Chicago corruption.

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