25 Facts about Griselda Blanco and The Cocaine Cowboys

Presenting a grisly list: 25 Facts about Griselda Blanco and The Cocaine Cowboys! Let’s face it,  Griselda Blanco was a bloodthirsty drug lord.  She used murder and mayhem to build her drug empire, and no one was safe from her evil ways.

Blanco committed some heinous acts. They included killing her lovers, forcing children to become mules, and people having sex with her at gunpoint. 

Interestingly, she was also remembered as a loving mother and businesswoman. There’s no denying it, Blanco was a fascinating person. So without further ado, here are 25 facts about Griselda Blanco and The Cocaine Cowboys.

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One of her inventions was drug smuggling underwear

Griselda Blanco image 21https://www.learning-history.com/griselda-blanco/

At the time she was moving kilos upon kilos of cocaine into the country so she had to be creative. She invented underwears lined with secret compartments for hiding drugs.


She had a plan to kidnap JFK Jr.

Griselda Blanco image 19https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_F._Kennedy_Jr.#/media/File:John_Kennedy_Jr_1999.jpg

While sitting in jail she came up with a plot for the cartel to kidnap John Kennedy Jr. and use him as a bargaining chip for her freedom. Fortunately, nothing came of this plot.


Her suspected death toll was 200

Griselda Blanco image 18https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2198005/Griselda-Blanco-dead-Godmother-Cocaine-deadly-Miami-drug-trade-gunned-Colombia.html

No one knows officially how many people Griselda Blanco killed but it was very high. She allegedly killed a two-year-old boy when she ordered a hit on her enemy, Jesus “Chucho” Castro. He was the intended target, but his boy was the one killed. That suited Blanco just fine. Apparently, when Blanco heard about accidental killing, she was happy. She believed they were even.


Her son Michael is on a reality show

Griselda Blanco image 17https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/cocaine-godmother-griselda-blancos-son-claims-cartel-crew-doesnt-glorify-criminal-lifestyle-were-trying-to-move-on-with-our-lives

Cartel Crew is a reality show about the children of various cartel members. Michael Corleone Blanco is one of the stars of the show.


She was only convicted of 3 murders

Griselda Blanco image 16http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com/2011/09/griselda-blanco-suspected-of-murdering.html

It is more than likely she committed more killings than this but the D.A. was only able to convict her of three murders. one of those murders was a mass killing in the 70s at the Dadeland Mall.

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