25 Facts About Joseph Stalin You Probably Never Knew

Joseph Stalin was one of the most influential and controversial political figures of the previous century and existed the undisputed leader of the extremely powerful USSR for over thirty years. There are many questions about him that have yet to be answered with certainty. His admirers call him a great leader who cared for his people and did anything for his country. His haters describe him as a brutal dictator just like Hitler, if not worse. All this is pretty debatable and for that reason we will attempt to bring some light to Stalin’s life by presenting 25 facts that many of you might not know.

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His mustache was one of the most iconic “logos” of the 20th century


When we usually think of iconic logos our mind goes to Nike’s swoosh, Apple’s bitten apple, Mercedes’ tri-star, and Superman’s S insignia among others, but well before the wildly popular logos I just mentioned there was Stalin’s mustache. Believe it or not, Stalin’s mustache became a source of inspiration for other “mustached” dictators who followed him, including Hitler and Saddam Hussein, just to name a few.


He loved to drink wine


Don’t rush to call the man a drunk or an alcoholic because he wasn’t one; instead, he was into the art and culture of wine and loved everything about it: the bottles, the smell, the color, and the taste of course. It is believed that his favorite wine was Khvanchkara, a Georgian wine with raspberry notes.


His comrades called him “Comrade Index Card”

Comrade Index Card

For all Stalin’s prowess and organization, he was never considered a dynamic speaker or a forceful writer. This was the reason why his fellow Bolsheviks called him “Comrade Index Card,” a nickname that Leon Trotsky gave him in an attempt to underplay his intellectual skills. No wonder Stalin would later organize and order Trotsky execution.


His first job was as a weatherman


Despite everyone knowing him as the leader of the USSR, Stalin had a real job before that. His one and only real job before he conquered many parts of Europe and Asia was as a weatherman at the Tiflis Meteorological Observatory, where he was the man in charge of recording rainfall and atmospheric pressure amounts, among other exciting details.


He was a cinephile (a lover of films)

movie fan

Stalin was a movie buff. In fact, he loved movies so much that he made sure each one of his many homes included a private movie theater.

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