25 Facts About Sharks: Terrors Of The Ocean

Though often thought of as our biggest sea-dwelling predator, how much do you really know about sharks? Do you know that you’re more likely to get bitten by another person (ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends excluded) than by a shark? Or that there have been less unprovoked shark bites since the 1500’s than text messages you send each month? How about that all sharks aren’t just grey but come in most colors of the rainbow – like pink and yellow? Sharks are fascinating creatures and crucial in keeping an ecosystem balanced. Without these expert predators (well, not all are expert predators – some seem as lost as us on a Monday morning), oceanic ecosystems would be so upset we could likely kiss goodbye to our favorite fish and crustaceans. In this list, we bring out some lesser-known facts about sharks such as: why baby sharks eat their siblings in the womb and what the weirdest things sharks have ever eaten are. (Would you guess a polar bear?) Since the great white shark is way over-popularized, we focus more facts about the host of other shark species patrolling our oceans. Sink your teeth into this list of 25 Facts About Sharks: Terrors Of The Ocean.

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One of the nastiest tastes on the planet

Hakarl_near_Bjarnahöfn_in_IcelandSource: Discovery, Image: Wikipedia

One of Iceland’s national dishes is hákarl: Greenland shark which has been cured, fermented, and left to dry for up to five months. It’s been called 100 times stronger than blue cheese and “the single worst, most disgusting and terrible tasting thing” by Anthony Bourdain.


Sharks helping humans fight off infection

goblin sharkSource: Discovery, Image: Wikipedia

Since barnacles and bacteria for some reason don’t generally grow on sharks, scientists are testing shark skin as a way to fight bacterial infections in humans.


The weirdest things eaten by sharks

big bull mooseSource: Discovery, Image: Wikipedia

Sharks in the polar regions are often known for eating seals, but did you know Greenland sharks have been found to have eaten horses, reindeer, and even polar bears?


Why more sharks attack near California

seal escaping a sharkSource: Discovery, Image: Simple Channel via YouTube

There are more shark attacks near California because they have more prey. The United States government has established various protected natural areas nearby; sea mammal populations have thus increased, bringing more sharks in to feast.


Shark bite records for the past 400 years

Shark_warning_-_Salt_Rock_South_AfricaSource: Discovery, Image: Wikipedia

Only 2,463 unprovoked shark bites were reported from 1588-2011. Less than a fifth were fatal.

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