25 Facts About The Cold War You Probably Didn’t Know

How did the Cold War start? What were the Cold War causes? Who was involved in the Cold War? It’s complicated, but basically it was a competition between the East and the West. Between Communism and Capitalism. For those of you that are hungry for some history, these are 25 Facts About The Cold War You Probably Didn’t Know!


The USSR could identify fake Soviet passports because the metal staples wouldn't rust. (Their real passports used very low quality metal that corroded very quickly.)

staplesSource: chicagotribune.com

The 12-foot Chrysler Air Raid Sirens placed around the US during this time were so powerful that they could turn fog into rain!

12-foot Chrysler Air Raid SirenSource: victorysiren.com


At one point, the US considered dropping over-sized condoms on the USSR that were labeled "medium." The apparent intention was to demoralize the enemy.

red-condomSource: mentalfloss.com

The CIA once planned to secretly cut Fidel Castro's beard in order to discredit his public image.

Fidel CastroSource: bbc.com


Russian officials thought the building in the center of the Pentagon was a secret meeting room. In reality, it was a hot dog stand!

PentagonSource: gizmodo.com

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