25 Famous Dogs That Stole Our Hearts

Are you a dog person? Even if you aren’t, it’ll be hard to deny that these famous dogs are well known by name. Not only that, but after we learn their stories, it’s hard not to fall in love with them, too. From brave and adventurous to silly and messy, it’s no wonder that these 25 Famous Dogs That Stole Our Hearts have had such an impact on us.



turner and hooch

Beasley, a Dogue de Bordeaux, was a perfect choice to portray the role of Hooch, a slobbery hunk of a canine who turned police investigator Scott Turner’s life upside down. This 1989 comedy drama features Tom Hanks as detective Scott Turner who finds a friend in the lovable dog.


Frank the Pug

Frank the Pug

Who could possibly forget the crazy yet lovable talking dog from Men in Black. Although technically his cute pug suit was a disguise for his extraterrestrial body, this “dog” still found his way into our hearts and our funny bones. Frank says the most outrageous outlandish lines but remains loyal to the Men in Black code at all times. You can find this pug in the Men in Black movies, cartoon series, and the MIB video game.



Slink Toy Story

For all the Toy Story lovers out there, we have Slink. This toy slinky wiener dog with a southern accent is always getting his friends out of trouble with his handy elasticity.




Though slightly unintelligent, Garfield’s canine best friend, and sometimes victim, was a kind and playful beagle who loved to slobber Garfield with his sloppy tongue. Odie did not have a speaking role in the Garfield series since his role was that of a pet dog. However, there were certain instances where Odie had a quick chance to “speak.”



wishbone the dog

Wishbone, a Jack Russell Terrier, was “the little dog with a big imagination” as he ends up daydreaming his way into starring in classical literature stories like Robin Hood, Sancho Panza, and many more. His adventures with his owner, Joe Talbot, and his friends become somehow related to his dreams where he interacts with people as if he is a real person and not a dog. This educational TV show has several Emmy awards under its belt and other awards such as a George Foster Peabody in 1998.

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