25 Fascinating Facts About Harry Houdini

Are you a fan of magic? Well even if you aren’t, you’ve probably at least heard of Harry Houdini. He’s one of the most famous magicians in recent history. Today we’re going to take a look at his life and how a young trapeze artist from Budapest took the world of entertainment by storm. These are 25 Fascinating Facts About Harry Houdini.


His real name was Ehrich Weiss. Some people think that he got his stage name from his childhood nickname "Ehrie."

houdiniSource: history.com

He didn't just name himself; he also named the famous performer, Buster Keaton. A friend of the Keaton family, Harry witnessed the little Keaton fall down the stairs one day and remarked, "That was quite a buster!" The name apparently stuck.

Buster KeatonSource: history.com


Born in Austria-Hungary, Harry initially gained recognition for traveling around Europe and challenging police forces to try locking him up.

policeSource: biography.com

In Moscow, he once escaped from a prison transport van, claiming that if he couldn't free himself, he would have had to travel all the way to Siberia because that's where the key was.

siberiaSource: history.com


Houdini once sued a police officer in Cologne, Germany because the officer accused Harry of making his escapes via bribery. Harry won the case when he opened the judge's safe (he later admitted that the judge had forgotten to lock it)

safeSource: history.com

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