25 Fastest Trains in the World You’ll Miss if You Blink

Since the early 19th century, the train has always stood as a monument to human engineering and ingenuity, with its invention pushing us to develop even more groundbreaking technologies and to spread the industrial revolution across the globe. Nowadays trains have become one of the fastest ways to travel over land, and they continue to improve every day. Whether you are just a tourist looking to travel in style or a real, bona fide train enthusiast, these are the 25 Fastest Trains In The World. Don’t blink or you might just miss them.

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Featured image: Lee Prince / Shutterstock.com


Hyperloop Train

Hyperloop TrainSource: livescience.com Image: commons.wikimedia.org

We’ll begin this list with an honorary mention. Although still years away from being a commercial reality, the Hyperloop train is a theoretical high-speed transportation vehicle proposed by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. Traveling through a low-pressure tube, the Hyperloop could travel at speeds of up to 760 mph, fast enough to travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco in only 30 minutes. It comes in at 25 because it doesn’t exist yet.


Mallard 4468

25 Fastest Trains In the WorldSource: nrm.org.uk Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Reaching speeds of 126 mph, Mallard broke the steam locomotive world speed record in 1938 and to this day is considered to be the worlds fastest steam-powered train. Mallard was retired in 1963 and can be seen on display at the United Kingdom’s National Railway Museum in York.


Acela Express

Acela ExpressSource: www.amtrak.com Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Owned by Amtrak, the Acela Express services all along the North East Corridor of the United States, reaching from Washington DC to Boston, Massachusetts. With a peak speed of 150 mph, the Acela Express is the fastest train in North America.



THSR 700TSource: global.kawasaki.com Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Designed and manufactured in Japan, the THSR 700T was modeled almost directly after the Japanese Shinkansen 700 Series. With a top speed of 186 mph, the 700T is the fastest high-speed train on the island of Taiwan.



ThalysSource: www.eurail.com Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Traveling at 186 mph, Thalys connects 17 cities In Belgium, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. Based out of Brussels, Thalys can travel from there to Paris in under 90 minutes, and promises full reimbursements if they’re late.

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