25 Favorite Star Wars Vehicles That Are Strangely Nostalgic

On December 16, our thirst for a glimpse into the Star Wars universe will be met with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This makes us nostalgic for the first six Star Wars films and all the cool gadgetry that was associated with them. Seriously, who can forget the awesome power of the star destroyers or the iconic roar of X-wing, we sure can’t. So if you’re itching for some Star Wars nostalgia to hold you over until Rogue One comes out this coming December, then be sure to check out these 25 Favorite Star Wars Vehicles That Are Strangely Nostalgic.

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Star Wars; X-wingImage by: 1darthvader via deviantart.com CC 3.0

The perfect all-around vehicle, the X-Wing is hands-down one of the most recognizable aspects of the Star Wars franchise. Whether it’s dodging fire from TIE fighters or blowing up the Death Star, Luke’s favourite starfighter is the perfect Jedi vehicle.


Slave 1

Slave1Slave 1 in Star Wars: The Clone Wars via IGN

The stolen vehicle of choice for Jango Fett and son Boba Fett, Slave 1 sat flat when idling and has armoured plating which slid aside to reveal weapons. Special proton torpedoes with attached homing beacons allowed the ship to know another craft’s location even in hyperspace


Speeder Bike

SpeederbikePhoto by: Pedro Dias via Flicker CC 2.0

Able to hover at up to 32 feet (10 m), the Speeder Bike would be a thrill-junkie’s dream. This Star Wars vehicle was unique for its high degree of manoeuvreability which allowed it to dart between trees on Endor. Some of today’s real-life hoverbikes in production look similar to these vehicles.



B WingPhoto by: Andres Rueda via Flicker CC 2.0

Packing a ton (or a couple ton) of firepower, the B-Wing is one of the Alliance’s most weapon-laden ships – not to mention one of the coolest. The B-Wing’s cockpit sits within a gyro-stabilisation system, meaning it and its pilots remain upright as the ship rotates while flying.



ScimitarThis is a screenshot of a copyrighted movie. It is believed that screenshots may be exhibited on List25 under the fair use provision of United States copyright law.

Also known as the Sith Infiltrator, the Scimitar was Darth Maul’s own starship. A modified Star Courier, the ship was nearly undetectable to its enemies due to a heavily advanced cloaking device.

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