25 First Date Questions You Should Consider Asking

It’s tough to come up with 25 first date questions you should consider asking. On the one hand, you don’t want to step on toes and ruin the date, but on the other hand, you need to learn about the person before moving forward.

So, asking first date questions are necessary. Yes, the “getting-to-know-each-other” stage is sometimes the most romantic part of the relationship. It can be filled with butterflies, hand-holding, and lovey-dovey eye gazing. But, come on, you need to know if they were married or been involved in a first-degree burglary. Right? Yeah, we thought so, too. So, to help you out, here are 25 first date questions you should consider asking.


"What was your childhood like?"


Their childhood can be a big indicator to how they will react to certain situations. It can also can tell you a lot about how they live their adult lives.


"How much money do you make?"


It’s tricky to talk about finances right off the bat. We get that. But, if you’re not messing around, you might want to get it out of the way so it’s not a problem later on. According to The Telegraph just 57% of married people know exactly what their partner earns. If money is important to you, than this would be a good predate question to ask.


"Are you currently involved with anyone else?"

open relationship

Open relationships are becoming more common. So asking if you are the only person they are seeing is a fair question. It’s a good idea to make sure everyone is on common grounds.


"Have you recently been checked for STDs?"

safe sexhttps://www.verywellhealth.com/protect-yourself-3133079

Safe sex is healthy sex. Asking if the person has been recently checked for STDs keeps everyone safe. It’s important to know this information before you partake in intercourse.


"Have you ever been to jail?"


While a quick Google name search might answer that question for you, asking if someone has gone to jail might seem a bit intrusive. Then again, finding out the person you have been dating has a serious criminal record 11 months into the relationship could be unsettling.

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