25 Funny Differences Between Canadians And Americans

Canada and the United States have somewhat of a love hate relationship. It’s a sibling rivalry that goes back centuries. So what exactly are the differences between the two? Today we’re going to take a look at how the longest unprotected border in the world has defined North America. These are 25 Funny Differences Between Canadians And Americans!

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Canadians tend to trust authority, whereas Americans are suspicious of it.

American RevolutionSource: House_of_Suns via reddit

This goes back to the fact that the Canadians remained loyal to the crown, while America showed King George the door.


Canadians bond over hockey, Americans bond over football. In general, Canadians also put less emphasis on sport.

hockeySource: kirlysue via reddit


Canadians spend a lot of time comparing themselves to the US. Americans don’t think about Canada very often at all. Actually...almost never.

Canada, you mean America JrSource: huffingtonpost.ca

Some parts of Canada sell milk in bags. Bagged milk would be highly suspicious in the US.

milk bigSource: brs677 via reddit


The US sees itself as a melting pot, while Canada sees itself as a mosaic.

Canadian_Mosaic_WallSource: telegraph.co.uk

The difference is very slight, but basically in the US, there is more mixing and blending between immigrant cultures, while in Canada immigrants tend to keep more of their language and traditions rather than mix with others.

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