25 Furiously Designed ‘Fast and Furious’ Cars

Fast and Furious 6 starring Vin Diesel has been a smash success at the box office and why wouldn’t it be, it has everything you need in life….ridiculously awesome looking cars involved in high speed racing and chasing! OK maybe that’s stretching it a bit, but you have to admit that you can’t help but to drool a little when you see those sleek mean racing machines perform their stunts on the big screen (I know I do).  So in order to appease our eye candy hunger, here is a list of 25 furiously designed Fast and Furious cars.  Strap on your seat belts because here we go!

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1972 Ford Gran Torino


The Gran Torino is a classic muscle car that was introduced in 1968 and stayed in production until 1976. The Torino was available as a two-door fastback or convertible; four-door sedan or station wagon hardtop; and as a pickup similar to the El Camino.  It’s hard to believe that such a jewel of a car was used for racing, but indeed it was. In 1969, Ford introduced the limited edition Torino Talladega.  It was during the early 1970′s that the Torino was updated giving it an aggressive look and modern appeal. The look was so new that it won the Motor Trend’s coveted ‘Car of the Year’ award. A further design evolution happened in 1972 where the grille was enlarged; vent windows were removed from four-door models and the convertible option was no longer offered. The abbreviation ‘GT’ was now labeled as Gran Torino.


Turbocharged Mazda RX-8

nebohylukas.webgarden.cz nebohylukas.webgarden.cz

The impressive paint job is the attractive feature of this Turbocharged Mazda RX-8.  As far as performance goes, it can hardly compete with the other cars mentioned on this list.  A stock Turbocharged Mazda on the U.S.-market RX-8 has a rating of 238 hp.  The reason why this car makes the list is the impressive paint job done to this car.  The lines accentuates the curvature of the vehicle beautifully enhancing the speed persona.


1994 Acura Integra GS-R


The 1994 Acura Integra GS-R was the tricked out ride of Edwin (played by Ja Rule) on Fast and Furious.  While the most  noticeable things about this Integra were the graphics and the Wings West RS Racing series ground effects kit. It’s whats not readily seen that makes this car crazy awesome.  The modified Integra boasts of Momo GT rims with red socket lugs, a super modified suspension, cold air intake, 3mm overbored throttle body, TruTime adjustable cam timing gears, Type-R intake cam, red anodized overdrive pulleys for both the alternator and power steering, DC Sports headers and exhaust, MSD 6A ignition and external HVC blaster coil; and an Exedy racing clutch with a lightened flywheel.  Is this car built for racing? You bet it is.


1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse


Who can forget the car that gave Vin Diesel a run for his money…literally.  Driven by the undercover  cop later turned racer Brian O’Connor (played by Paul Walker); this car features neon green undercar lights, a see thru roll cage cross beam, a customized center console to fit VDO temperature and volt meters, with customized carbon fiber panels for cut off switches, as well as an upholstered dash with carbon fiber trim.


1997 Mazda RX-7

www.eyny.com www.eyny.com

Universal Studios found Han’s 1997 RX-7 at the 2005 Tokyo Auto Show and was originally showcased as a Veilside-tuned Japanese sportster.  When the Universal film team saw the car they decided to buy the car as is and changed the car’s body color from a red/burgundy and black finish to a more audience-capturing bright orange and black finish while leaving the Veilside kit in place.

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