25 Future Technology That’s Closer Than You Think

What will futuristic technologies and the world look like in the next twenty years? Technology continues to grow at rapid rates, changing our world today. Twenty years ago, no one would have guessed everyone would have smartphones with the internet. Soon, technology will advance to the point where it’ll radically change who we are and how we interact with the world. Curious? Let’s take a look into the unknown. Here are 25 future technology that’s closer than you think.

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Drones will deliver packages to your doorstep.

dronesSource: https://www.usatoday.com

Amazon has already delivered their first package by drone. Other delivery services are prototyping this method as well. As drones become more energy efficient and capable of carrying heavy packages, drones will be a major method of package delivery to your nearest doorstep.


A $1,000 computer will have the processing power of the human brain.

MicrochipsSource: https://mic.com

The days of humans being the most intelligent species on the earth will come to end very soon. Many futurists and scientists have predicted a $1,000 computer will be invented with the same processing power as the human brain. While that seems far off, they think it’s actually likely by 2025.


We're going to see a lot more advanced architecture.

dubaiSource: http://www.huffingtonpost.com

Architecture in the future is also going to radically change. Already we’ve seen some of this happening in Dubai. Spiral skyscrapers, indoor parks, invisible buildings, natural disaster proof forts, and green power plants will all be a reality.


We'll get rid of obesity with a pill.

pillSource: http://www.newsweek.com

We’ve all heard of supplements and dieting pills, but none of them really work. However, researchers and scientists have been making strides to create a real pill that would change the way the body processes fat. This would essentially eliminate obesity.


A movie at the theater will be your own subconscious story.

movie theaterSource: http://www.reuters.com

The movie theater experience hasn’t changed much since the earliest days it was invented. It’s a passive experience of watching a story unfold. However, pretty soon, you’ll be wearing a headset that scans your emotions and brainwaves. This would allow you to control the story and change it based on what you’re feeling and thinking.

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