25 Geniuses That Changed The World And Why They Were Crazy

From holding their pee until they died to jumping off of buildings wearing wooden wings, these are 25 geniuses that changed the world and why they were crazy.

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Thomas Edison

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He invented a lot of stuff…ok, we know, Tesla invented it…but anyway, he did some famous things one of which included electrocuting an elephant to prove that Tesla’s AC current was more dangerous than his. Or so they say. While Edison was crazy and he hated sleep, he actually had nothing to do with executing Topsy the elephant. And now that we’ve gotten our myth dispelling fun fact out of the way, on to the rest of our mad scientists.


Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov

crazy geniuses

This Russian biologist was famous for creating animal hybrids. His madness came to a peak when Stalin ordered him to create a race of slave ape men who would serve communist Russia. He ended up inseminating several monkeys with human semen although none of them became pregnant. Or so they say.


Sidney Gottlieb

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An American military psychiatrist with a Ph.D. in chemistry, Sidney had some crazy ideas in his day. He was the man responsible for the idea to fill Castro’s shoes with thallium to make his beard fall out.


Robert Chesebrough

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Not only did he invent vaseline, he ate it every single day.


Paul Erdős

Paul Erdős

This Hungarian mathematician was so devoted to his work that he never married and lived out of a suitcase. At the end of his life he had published about 1,500 papers.

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