25 Good Deeds That Need To Be Done More Often

How would you feel if you drive up to the drive-thru window expecting to hear the total price of your order only to be told that your order has been paid? What about that rare occasion that you actually go to the library, you pick up a book and there, tucked in between some pages there’s this note that says “you are beautiful”? These are but a couple of examples from the 25 Good Deeds That Need To Be Done More Often.

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Make the best use of the social media to promote an organization, a project or a cause


People today use the social media to connect with their friends and relatives. What most people do not know is that social networking sites actually have more uses than just allowing people to connect. Social media can be used to promote worthwhile projects or organizations through sharing them with friends.


Express how you feel to someone special to you


You don’t need an occasion or holiday to express sentiment. Tell your parents, siblings, friends or significant other how much you love them and how much they mean to you.


Host a celebratory party for the success of a friend or family member


Happy are those people who know how to be happy for other people’s successes. One of the ways through which you can spread goodness is by hosting or organizing a celebratory party for a friend who has reached an important milestone in their lives, such as a promotion at work.


Donate your money to a worthwhile cause


If you have been given much, why not share? Good will is not about merit, it’s about undeserved grace. So help someone who can’t help themselves by donating money to their cause.


Donate your old books to local libraries


If you are not reading them anymore, why keep them? Your local library will find someone who’d want to read your books.

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