25 Great Dinosaur Mysteries We All Want Solved

Dinosaurs seem to capture the attention of every child at some point, and most adults. They’re wingless dragons, and they were real. There’s a shocking amount of information that can be learned from fossilized bones that are millions of years old, but what about the many unanswered questions about dinosaurs that we can’t know for sure? The Thanksgiving leftovers don’t really give us a full picture of what life as a turkey is like, and sometimes, frustratingly, it’s the same for their ancestors. There are some dinosaur mysteries that just can’t be solved beyond educated guesses. Here are 25 Great Dinosaur Mysteries We All Want Solved.

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Which came first?

NyasasaurusSource: http://www.viralxfiles.com

No no no, not the chicken and the egg thing, but which dinosaur was the first one? It’s suspected that it was the Nyasasaurus, which was about the size of a dog and first appeared around 245 million years ago; however, so few pieces of Nyasasaurus fossils have been found that we don’t know what it even really looked like. Plus, who’s to say there aren’t older ones just waiting to be discovered?


What colors were they?

chameleonSource: http://animalmozo.com

Most assume shades of green or brown, but modern reptiles come in some amazing and bright colors, and feathers are some of the most beautiful and bright colors in nature. Scientists can make educated guesses, but the truth is we don’t know.


Were dinosaurs warm or cold blooded?

temperatureSource: http://www.smithsonianmag.com

There’s still not definitive answer on this. This is what happens when soft tissues all are gone. While evidence in the bones suggests dinosaurs were warm blooded, there’s no way to know for sure, or if it varied depending on species since Dinosaurs ranged in size from small bird to over 100 ft.


This or that species?

NanotyrannusSource: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/

Sometimes scientists are so eager to find a NEW species of dinosaur that they uh…may be counting juveniles and adults of the same species as different species altogether. It’s kind of hard to tell when you’ve just got bones. For instance, is Nanotyrannus a smaller species of tyrannosaur, or is it just a teenage t-rex with acne and an attitude problem?


Were dinosaurs cute?

cutedinoSource: http://www.viralxfiles.com

Um, maybe? Well, it’s possible, at least. The name dinosaur comes from two Greek words, deinos meaning terrible, and sauros meaning lizard. But is it possible some were cute and fluffy? We know that some had feathers, but aside from that, all artist renderings are from their bones. Have you seen a cat skeleton? They’re terrifying. Yet cats and kittens are often the standard for cute fluffy adorableness. And if we’re just going by skeletons, elephants wouldn’t have tusks. So it’s possible Dinosaurs weren’t ALL terrifying looking.

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