25 Greatest Moments In United States Sports History

Are you aware of the greatest moment in United States sports history? Reflecting the unlikely beginnings of the nation, American teams and athletes have long embodied the story of the victorious underdog. Whether it was a ragtag group of hockey players defeating the world champion Russians or an African American sprinter standing up to the Nazi propaganda machine, the United States has a long history of overcoming insurmountable odds on its way to victory, and its sports teams are no different. Sports have played an important role in creating the American identity. In fact, all of the countries most popular sports, like baseball, basketball, and American football are purely American inventions. Of course, they built upon previous sports like cricket and rugby, but the uniqueness of the games is undeniable and they have taken on their own flair. Several of those sports have gone on to take the world by storm, primarily basketball, which is now one of the most watched sports in the world after football (soccer). The United States is known for its competitiveness and its love of sports is no different. If you want to fit in at the water cooler, you’re going to have to know what happened during the big game last night. Or you can just read this list. These are the 25 greatest moments in United States sports history!

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The Redeem Team

The Redeem TeamSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

In 2004 the USA men’s basketball team got a disappointing bronze medal. In 2008 the USA team defeated Spain 118-107 for the gold.


The Famous Five

The Famous FiveSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

During the 1976 Olympics 5 American boxers won gold medals, including Sugar Ray Leonard.


The Underdog

The UnderdogSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

When Rulon Gardner went up against Russian Aleksandr Karelin during the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, he had never won a major title. Karelin, on the other hand, was on a 13 year undefeated streak. Gardner won.


The Indomitable Spirit

The Indomitable SpiritSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

When Dan Jansen found out about his sister’s death just before competing in the 1988 Olympics, the speed skater didn’t manage to win any medals. At the 1994 Olympics, however, he ended up not only winning the Gold, but also setting a world record for the 1,000 meter event. He dedicated it to his late sister.


From 2nd to 1st

From 2nd to 1stSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Although sprinter Carl Lewis finished second in the 100 meter dash during the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, he was bumped up to first when Canadian Ben Johnson failed a drug test. This made Carl a two time gold medal winner for the same event.

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