25 Greatest Warriors History Has Ever Seen

There have been many great individuals in various fields of human endeavor throughout history from science to the arts, philosophy to politics, business to technology, but none of these greats has spilled more blood than the greatest warriors in history.

So take a deep breath and get ready to discover 25 of the deadliest, most vicious, and bloodthirsty warriors who ever lived.

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William Wallace

William Wallace

William Wallace became famous worldwide thanks to Mel Gibson’s Braveheart, but those who know European history already knew what a great warrior the legendary Scotsman was.

Wallace is considered one of the most significant Scottish national heroes for fighting to his death to free Scotland from English rule.


Basil II (The Bulgar-Slayer)

Basil II (The Bulgar-Slayer)

Basil “the Bulgar-Slayer” was one of the most brutal, ruthless emperors in history, thus his nickname. He was a Byzantine emperor of Greek origin from the Macedonian dynasty and ruled the vast Byzantine Empire for nearly fifty years, from January 976 to 1025.

At his death, the empire stretched from Southern Italy to the Caucasus and from the Danube to the borders of Palestine, its greatest territorial extent in over four centuries, and trust us, its conquest included lots of bloody battles in which Basil II was always fighting more viciously than any other member of the army.


Attila the Hun


Attila the Hun was born in what is today Hungary and became one of the most violent and merciless rulers of the area. He was notorious for his fierce gaze and according to historian Edward Gibbon, he frequently rolled his eyes as if in pleasure at the terror he inspired.

He also terrorized his enemies by claiming to own the sword of Ares, the Greek god of war, and judging from his vicious attacks and battles against the Roman Empire, his intimidation tactics worked just fine.


Yue Fei


During a twenty-five-year military career, Yue Fei fought in 126 battles, mainly in central China, and never lost a single encounter. Furthermore, he rose through the ranks from private to Overall Commander of the Imperial Forces.

He also invented many martial arts styles and wrote a bunch of epic poetry about how he was going to kick his enemies’ asses. Nowadays he is regarded as a national hero in China and the ultimate symbol of integrity, patriotism, and loyalty.


Eric Bloodaxe


Erik Bloodaxe was a Norwegian prince and the last independent king of York. He became king of the Northumbrians twice, in 947 and 952 .

He was considered one of the most legendary names in Viking history thanks to his incredible skill and bravery on the battlefield and his warrior spirit.

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