25 Most Hardcore Comic Book Supervillians

To be hardcore means to be completely devoted, singularly focused, and undoubtedly committed to an ideal.  Couple that with being a supervillain and you have someone who is without a fraction of a doubt, evil.  These 25 most hardcore comic book supervillains are the epitome of an evil power who does not care about life, pleasure, beauty, or anything good.  Rather, these villains if given the opportunity to destroy anything and everything that is good, would not hesitate to do so.

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Bane is the only villain credited with breaking Batman’s back (you know you’re hardcore when you can even fight the Batman let alone break his back) earning Bane the reputation of being one of Batman’s most physically and intellectually powerful foes. He committed his first murder at the age of eight in a penitentiary in which he lived most of his life. He is extremely intelligent, a devious but brilliant strategist and tactician with a crazy photographic memory (which he used to decipher Batman’s true identity). In short, you don’t want to mess with this guy.




A being with an incredible power source bent on the destruction of worlds; deathstorm is the first of the revived black lanterns. Whats worse is that Deathstorm possess all the powers of the original Black Lantern Firestorm, meaning he can transmute organics into whatever he wants. For Deathstorm, raising demons from ashes or turning an opponents blood into acid, is easier than thought.




Black Hand

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A deep fascination with death is always a worthy cause of alarm and in the case of Black Hand is an alarm best heeded. Since he was young William Hand always had a deep admiration for killing and death which manifested itself in the death of the family dog, many visits to the psychiatrist, and necrophiliac tendencies. He eventually ends up killing all of his family members and creates a super villain suit made out of a family member’s cadaver pouch. Eventually, Black Hand receives the black ring and is pronounced as the “embodiment of death” (after he kills himself and is reanimated mind you) which grants him incredible powers.




Originally an extraterrestrial being made up of a gooey ligquid like form, the symbiote fused with Eddie Brock (an enemy to Spiderman) to create the first Venom thus becoming Spider-Man’s dark, violent and murderous counterpart. With his hulking physique and monstrous, alien like mouth Venom has all of Spiderman’s powers and due to the fact that originally it fused with spiderman, the venom symbiote also shares Spiderman’s memories.

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