25 Harry Potter Fan Theories That Will Make You Think

Back before Pottermore, before Fantastic Beasts, and a Cursed Child, there were Seven Books. Seven amazing books about a boy wizard that left us with sometimes more mysteries than the boy and his friends managed to solve. Even now that the books have all been read and the universe is being expanded beyond The Boy Who Lived, there are some questions that we’ll never have the answers to. To explore some of those questions and the sometimes clever, sometimes out there, explanations fans have come up with, here are 25 Harry Potter Fan Theories That Will Make You Think.

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Horcrux Spell

horcruxSource: https://www.quora.com

This one’s pretty gross, but it also makes sense. There’s a theory that making a Horcrux involves cannibalism. We know from the books that in order to make a Horcrux, one must murder (not kill, but murder) someone, and this splits their soul. But lots of people murder other people in the books and don’t have bits of their soul littering the countryside, so what gives? Well, according to the books, “a horrible book, really awful, full of evil magic” (Hermione), and Rowling has stated during interviews that the process is “too horrible, actually, to go into detail about.” So we know that the vessel from the Horcrux must be prepared, and someone must die, but nothing about the dark magic that prepares said vessel, and *nothing* about the spell that must be performed after someone has been killed to move the fragment of the soul into the vessel. Killing the person just allows you to access the fragment to encase separately, and the actual spell to make a Horcrux is worse, so….? Possibly, probably, cannibalism.  (And yes, the ritual from start to finish that made Harry a Horcrux was unexpected and weird, he was not a prepared vessel, no charm was performed, so he’s more of a case of the exception being the rule.)


Crookshanks & Regulus Black

crookshanksSource: http://www.thesnitch.co.uk

The theory that Crookshanks – Hermione’s grumpy fluffy cat – is actually Sirius Black’s brother, Regulus Black. We already know that Sirius was an Animagi, and that Regulus turned on Voldemort at the end of his time as a Death Eater and started to seek out and attempt to destroy Voldy’s Horcruxes, and we also know of a wizard who hid in plain sight as an Animagus for years – Peter Pettigrew. Also, Sirius was named after a star in the Canis Major constellation and subsequently turns into a dog. Regulus is named after a star in the constellation Leo, so could he be a cat? And then there’s all those weird sightings of Regulus from time to time after his supposed death.


Dursleys' Attitude

dursleyfamilySource: http://screenrant.com/

It’s possible that the Dursleys are so unpleasant towards Harry and so ill at ease around him because he’s a Horcrux. We already know how being in close proximity to a Horcrux makes Ron more than a little horrible (seriously, some of us haven’t forgiven you, Ron), but the Dursleys lived with Harry in close proximity for YEARS, without any sort of magical protections or buffers in place. While no one is arguing that the Dursleys would have otherwise been lovely people, having Voldemort bits living in your weird nephew’s head probably didn’t endear them towards him.



rupert-grintSpirce: http://www.dorkly.com

Long ago and far away, around the time Goblet of Fire came out if not earlier, a theory started circulating around the interwebs that Ron *is* Dumbledore; that Dumbledore traveled back in time, as Ron, to help Harry defeat Voldemort, and the reason the space time continuum didn’t collapse is because of the vast age differences in the two Ronbledores. They both love chocolate, they both have large hands, Rowling, at that point, had never stated the color of Ron’s eyes so we didn’t know if they were different from Dumbledore’s or not.  You can google it if you’d like more explanation, but we can’t promise you won’t end up more confused.


Ginny's Love Potion

potionsSource: https://www.reddit.com/

Ginny may have given Harry a love potion. There’s pretty hot debate among HP (book) fans over whether or not Harry should’ve ended up with Ginny as she’s basically the most Mary Sue character ever, and Harry has ZERO interest in her, until suddenly, one day, he looks at her and she’s amazing? ehh…We know that love potions are used, and that the Weasley Brothers sell a whole range of them, and that the Weasley’s already considered Harry a part of the family, so Ginny the formerly obsessed fan girl slipping Harry a love potion isn’t that far out of the realm of possibility.

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