25 Harshest Environments Actually Inhabited By People

Curious to know which locations people call home despite extreme and harsh conditions? The most unique feature about the planet Earth is that it’s able to support life. The world contains many comfortable locations in which people, plants, and animals can thrive. However, there are other areas in which climate, terrain, and political unrest make for tough and extreme living conditions, but somehow, people still manage to live out their lives there. Below are the 25 Harshest Environments Actually Inhabited By People.




This country’s rocky coastline is covered in an ice sheet that can be up to three kilometers thick (1.8 miles). This ice sheet is what keeps the country’s population close to the rocky coastline. 


Changtang Region, Tibet

tibetan plateauhttp://www.behzadlarry.com/changpa----nomads-of-the-tibetan-plateau/

In spite of the short summers, arctic winds, and hail in this part of the Tibetan Plateau, half a million people known as the Changpa call this place home. Many follow the harsh migration routes of their ancestors in order to find grass for their livestock, which often means camping in tents and stone-walled shelters during these harsh weather patterns. 




siberian road blockshttps://www.climatestotravel.com/climate/siberia

Parts of this region have boomed thanks to the discovery of oil, gas, and minerals. However, the weather is still as harsh as ever. In some places, temperatures can go has high as 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit) during summer and plunge into double-digit negatives during winter.


The Outback


The fierce sun, infertile soil, and arid weather keep the human population low in this desert, which covers most of Australia.


The Sahara Desert

sahara sunrise

Few humans call this place home, and only nomads like the Tuareg have managed to survive on the edges by trading, hunting, and raising their livestock on meager vegetation.

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